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ISP Duct Sealing Systems

Gas or water penetrating through underground cable or piping ducts can cause various problems varying from serious danger to substantial damage.

Filoform/ISP duct sealing systems have been developed to provide an effective and easy to install solution for gas- and watertight sealing of cable and piping in protection tubes or sleeves.

Filoform/ISP duct sealing systems are based on the application of a specially formulated expanding polyurethane sealant. Other than usual PU foams which are meant for isolation purposes only, this special sealant has a relatively limited expansion, which results in an extremely high density after full expansion, thus providing excellent mechanical strength. As a result, the sealant can resist forces applied to the cable or pipe as a result of movement of the ground.

Furthermore, the sealant shows no shrinkage after curing, and has an extremely high hydrolysis resistance.

The special polyurethane sealant is packed in a self contained two part bag, with an enclosed screw type nipple. When the sealant is dispenced, there is no possibility of exposure to operatives.

Advantages of the ISP Duct Sealing Systems
* Gas and watertight
* Can be used in any shaped or sized duct up to 200mm
* Easy and quick installation
* One complete kit for one duct seal
* Seals all known materials: PVC&PE sheeted cables, PILC cables, (HD)PE pipes, drinking water conduits
* High mechanical strength, resists ground movements, shocks and vibrations
* Also suitable for renovation works
* No architectural measures necessary
* Used by various utility companies as well as contractors
* Over 25 years of operational experience