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There is a long sequence of many processing steps required before the fuel flows through the hose. At the beginning of it all there is the crude oil that is produced at a great expense – a process placing the highest demands on personnel and equipment: scorching heat under the desert sun, the harsh climate of the North Sea or arctic temperatures, noise, dirt, bad smells, a permanent danger of explosion due to flying sparks and hazards related to drilling through rock. These are only some factors that determine work at production plants and platforms onshore and offshore, below and above the water. The same harsh conditions apply during the extraction of gas, before it is dried, cleaned, conditioned and processed then delivered via pipeline for use. The result: cozy rooms in wintertime and hot water.

Such extreme operating conditions require special safety standards in order to meet all demands and comply with all requirements. It is essential that the technologies used meet the highest quality standards in order to ensure the self-sufficient and stand-alone 24-hour operation of production plants and platforms. Nothing but the best equipment should be good enough. Dräger equipment is adaptable to most of the possible hazards and stands out because of its durability, toughness and its reliable and safe operation.

Dräger offers solutions for the full monitoring of the whole working environment with regard to any potential hazards. Furthermore, Dräger, your specialist for safety solutions, also offers complete protection and safety concepts – ranging from the reliable detection of contaminants and harmful substances to stationary and portable shelters. In addition to the proven and reliable Dräger protective equipment, much more is available – from filling systems to fully equipped respiratory protection workshops – in our range of Dräger respiratory equipment.


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Drager REGARD control system
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Drager REGARD control system Drager REGARD control system

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