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EmaZys Technologies Photovoltaic Solar PV Test Instrument Z100 Analyzer

EmaZys Technologies Solar PV Analyzer Z100

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f: +44 (0)1744 762 930

Data Sheets:
erico pdf download Emazys-Technologies-Photovoltaic-Solar-PV-Analyzer-Z100.pdf

A new instrument for service and maintenance
• Precise fault localization in all types of PV arrays and related cabling.
• All weather diagnostic measurements possible with a minimum daylight intensity of 100 W/m².
• Insensitive to system specifications.

EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100 reduces maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically and simplifies the service operation at the PV installation site.

Special Features
The PV Analyzer Z100 is based on a new approach to PV testing. The technology makes it possible to perform diagnostic measurements under all weather conditions and with a minimum daylight intensity of 100 W/m². Meanwhile various types of critical faults can be located at the panel level based on string measurements.

The impedance curve can be measured and analysed with the Z100. This is valuable in understanding the state of degradation within the PV system and hence the Z100 may also be applied within preventive maintenance.

Photovoltaic string test
The PV Analyzer Z100 from EmaZys Technologies helps you detecting problems on your PV plant fast and easy. The instrument features multiplexing technology that enables automatic testing across all system terminals with one “click”.

The PV analyzer will collect various impedance, voltage and current data and hence analyze the condition of the whole string. In many cases accurate information about failure mode and position is displayed directly on the user interface. This new approach will save time and money when working in the area of photovoltaic operations and maintenance.

The instrument is fully capable of storing data and generating reports, thus allowing the user to document any findings and subsequent repair work.

• Locate open/shorted bypass diodes, and internal module faults
• Locate disconnect in PV strings
• Locate insulation faults
• Measure isolation resistance, RISO
• Measure string/panel open circuit voltage and polarity
• Measure string impedance curve
• Distinguish multiple strings
• Integrated timer function for periodic faults

t: +44 (0)1744 762 929
f: +44 (0)1744 762 930

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Data Sheets:

erico pdf download Emazys-Technologies-Photovoltaic-Solar-PV-Analyzer-Z100.pdf

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