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Industrial Support Products - ISP Cable Joints and Cable Jointing Kits

Type Tested to BS EN 50393
Straight & Branch Joints up to 400mm
Strong transparent shells
Can be customised to suit individual requirements

ISP-Low-Voltage-LV-Cast-Resin-JointsISP Low Voltage (LV) Cast Resin Joint

Cast resin cable joints are suitable for plastic and paper insulated LV cables. These joints are suitable for use in power, telecoms and signalisation. All the joints come complete with shells, resin-pack, protection gloves and instructions. Mechanical connectors and earth kits are also available. The joints are approved in accordance with the standard DIN EN 50393 (VDE 0278-393):2006-11.
ISP Low Voltage LV filoslim JointsISP Low Voltage (LV) Filoslim Joints

'FiloSlim' is the new and modern way to make high quality LV cable joints without the requirement of special or expensive tools (filling with manual pressure) and in the quickest possible way!
ISP-Cathodic-ProtectionISP Cathodic Protection

CPJ cable joints are suitable for single core cables upto 95mm≤ as used in cathodic protection. These cable joint sets include outer shells, resin pack, protection gloves and instructions. Line taps can be added when requested.
ISP Smart Gel JointsISP Smart Gel Joints

The Smart Joint is a cable joint which is pre-filled with an insulating and waterproof filling mass, and is suitable for cable diameters up to 15.7mm≤ ? (0,62 inch); 4 x 2.5 mm≤
ISP Coax Cable JointsISP Coax Cable Joints

ISPís coax joints have been developed to provide excellent watertight protection to coax cable connections for underground and above ground use.

Within this joint concept, special attention was given to optimal reduction of the heat impact to the cable and connector during the shrinking process.

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