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Industrial Support Products - ISP Cable Joint Resin & Gel Packs
Easy to use to use twin pack resins for added safety
Available in various different sizes
Many different resins from jointing to sealing enclosures and cabinets
ISP Cable Joint Resin and Gel Products

ISP manufactures high grade two component Polyurethane and Epoxy resin and gel systems used to insulate, seal and increase performance of electrical and electronic devices. ISP products have been in service over many years assuring the user reliability, performance and quality. ISP is a customer orientated organisation which offers a service and product to surpass your expectations.

The carefully prepared range was formulated and designed to give the very best quality at the most competitive prices. Currently ISP resin systems are used throughout the world in every conceivable area of electrical and electronic design, production & maintenance applications. Whether this requirement is a case of environmental protection, mechanical protection, chemical protection or a need to increase performance ISP has a resin system to suit.

Currently ISP supplies resin systems used by some of the biggest names in electrical and electronic design and production.

ISP Gelseal Re-enterable Gel
ISP Joint & Repair Resin for Flexible and Trailing Cables
ISP Conveyor Belt and Rubber Repair Resin
ISP Resins for Traffic Control Industry
ISP Resins for Potting, Encapsulating and Casting


ISP PC5581 – Cable jointing & potting resin
ISP PC5581 is a cold curing 2 component polyurethane resin specially designed for cable joints up to 1 kV. This resin can also be used for potting and sealing enclosures permanently.

ISP PC5882 – Cabinet base sealant – BLACK
ISP PC5882 cabinet base sealants are used to seal the bases of electrical / communication cabinets to protect against moisture ingress.

ISP PC5749 – Cabinet base sealant – CLEAR
ISP PC5749 clear cabinet base sealants are used to seal the bases of electrical / communication cabinets to protect against moisture ingress. This resin is opaque in colour and is re-enterable if needed.

ISP PC5581D – Slot cutting resin
ISP Slot Cutting Resin PC5581D is a cold curing 2-component polyurethane resin specially designed for backfilling of cut slots for detector loops on motorways and all purpose trunk roads.

ISP Geal Seal – For sealing encloses to IP68
Re-enterable insulating clear gel designed for the protection of electrical/electronic enclosures, boxes, terminal blocks, trunking, pipes and mechanical parts against water, moisture, dirt, dust and mechanical shock.

ISP Conveyor belt resin – Repairing rubber conveyor belts
ISP Conveyor Belt and Rubber Repair Resin was designed to be a quick and easy way to repair damaged conveyor belting and other rubber components.

ISP P2612HS – Filoflex – for repairing cable sheaths
ISP Filoflex P2612HS was designed for the permanent jointing and repair of flexible single and multi-core power cables.

The Filoflex system bonds securely to the cable sheath, providing a permanent joint or repair with a tight seal that won’t tear or work loose after installation.

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