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Cable Tie Tensioning Tools

TT 1
  • Automatic cable tie tensioner and cutter.
  • For cable ties from 2.2mm to 4.8mm wide.
  • This tool is very durable due to its quality construction and metal body.
  • Suitable for continuous use.
  • Length 160mm
  • Weight 0.30kgs

TT 3
  • Cable tie tensioning tool.
  • Manually cuts ties from 3.6 to 9mm width.
  • A simple but efficient tool.
  • Much in demand due to its budget price.
  • Length 195mm
  • Weight 0.32kgs

TT 4

  • Automatic cable tie tensioner and cutter for cable ties up to 13mm width.
  • Manufactured to meet the increasing demand for the installation of heavy duty cable ties.
  • Length 200mm
  • Weight 0.32kgs


  • Automatic cable tie tensioner and cutter for Partex stainless steel cable ties.
  • The tool will correctly tension the ties and automatically cut off the tail when this is achieved.
  • The SSTG tool can be used with any of the Partex stainless steel ties including the coated range.
  • High quality construction for a long service life.
  • Length 178mm
  • Weight 0.56kgs


  • Heavy duty, two stage manual tensioning tool for stainless steel cable ties.
  • For high volume applications.
  • High strength construction for long life.
  • Flush cutting.
  • Easy to use providing strong, secure fixing of steel ties.
  • For use will all roller ball ties.
  • Length 209mm
  • Weight 0.55kgs

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