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Prysmian Terminations

The printable data sheets are in PDF format below:-

Prysmian Terminations

Prysmian Coldfit MV Termination: For 11kV Systems

Prysmian Heatshrink MV Termination: For 11kV Systems

Prysmian Flexible Silicone Rubber Bushing Boot

Prysmian Separable Connectors

The Prysmian FORMFIT range of separable connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications including connection of cable to transformers, switchgear units, motors etc. and also cable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, the connectors are entirely protected by a watertight conductive envelope connected to earth.

Prysmian Separable Tee Connectors

Prysmian FMCS 250A and FMCE 250A

Prysmian FMCS/E/T 400

Prysmian FMCTs 400

Prysmian FMCTS 400/1250

Prysmian FMCTs 600/ 1250

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