Elpress T2258 Crimping Tool for Cu-terminals 4 - 16 mm2
- new mechanism and new handles, as well as all the benefits from the old tool!

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Elpress Mini PVL130S Electro Mechanical Crimping Tool
The PVL130S combines the benefits of manual crimping tools along with the advantages of battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools.

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Elpress PVL1300C2 New hydraulic battery operated crimping tool with a C head (PVL1300C2DB | PVL1300C2Dual | PVL1300C2DualDB)
Elpress battery-powered crimping tool PVL1300 with 13 tonnes of crimping force that is now available with a C-Head, including as a DUAL version. The newly designed crimping head uses the same reverse system as the Elpress V1300C system.

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Elpress PVL1300 Battery Hydraulic Operated Crimp Tool
Elpress PVL1300 Hydraulic Battery Crimping Tool
Elpress PVL1300 tool is used to crimp Elpress Crimp terminals. The Elpress PVL1300 is a specified Elpress Crimp Tool.

Elpress GSA0760 - GSA0760C crimping tools
Elpress GSA0760 Crimping Tools
Specialist Elpress GSA0760 - GSA0760C crimping tools are now on sale. These Elpress crimping tool are fully certified.

Elpress DV1300 / Elpress DV1300C - Elpress Dual Crimp System. Elpress Dual Crimp technology is patented and specially designed by Elpress.

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Elpress Dies for W Crimping of Copper Conductors 13BW type and 13W type die sets.