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Copper Braid, Steel Braid, Aluminium Braid

Our range of copper braid products includes:

* Rope braids: Stranded Round, With Overall Braid. With Strain Relief and Woven Flat.
* Round Braids: Flexible round, square and rectangular.
* Braided copper: Flat rolled, flexible and super flexible.
* Shielding braids
* Earth straps
* Earth bonding leads
* Flexible copper connectors

All of these braided products are available in the following finishes:

* Bare copper / Plain copper
* Electro tinned copper
* Nickel tinned copper
* 99.99% pure Silver plate
* And other finishes on request.

Even though many of our products are standard items, we also make special tailor made products made exactly to the requirements of our customers. Do please contact us if you have specific requirements or cannot find the product you need on our web site.

Call us now on +44 (0)151 547 2666 Alternatively fax your requirements to +44 (0)151 547 1444 or email sales@etechcomponents.com

We use the finest quality material to ensure consistency of quality and performance, drawing on our suppliers decades of experience in drawing, stranding and braiding, as well as surface treatment. Our Liverpool factory has skilled and committed staff to ensure the products we supply to our customers meet your requirements first time, every time.

Copper Braid Construction
The construction of Copper braid is usually written as: 48 / 30 / 0.15, where:
48 = the number of carriers
30 =the number of wires per carrier
0.15 = the diameter of each wire in mm

The cross sectional area (CSA) of a copper braid can be calculated from this information:

carriers x wires per carrier x wire diameter ˛ x 3.142

So, for a copper braid with the specification: 48 / 30 / 0.15, this would be:
48 x 30 x 0.15˛ x 3.142 = 101.80
=25.45 mm˛

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