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Dutchclamp - Cable clamps and blocks for mounting low, medium and high voltage cables

This top quality Dutch product is the result of 25 years of experience in this particular area of specialisation. DutchclampUK cable clamps are in use throughout the world.

The model:
The range of models available for each type of cable clamp ensures a perfect fit to achieve the required short-circuit-proof mounting of the expensive cables.

The raw material:
All the Dutchclamp cable clamps are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials, with polyamide (PA) as the main constituent element.

The unique design, in combination with the specific composition of the raw materials, makes these plastic cable clamps among the strongest in the world. Cleats are NON Metallic therefore they are NON Magnetic

Suitable for single- and multi-conductor cables mounted individually (12-135 mm diameter) and for single- and multi-conductor cables mounted in a triangular configuration (27-118 mm diameter).
The Triple and IM types are stackable.
Cable blocks can be supplied in any desired configuration, in accordance with specifications from the PE.

The cable clamps are tested by UL, Damstra Laboratory (KEMA registered), Eaton and Centrilab (reports available upon request).


Simple installation.
Withstand short-circuit currents up to 202 kA.
Mechanical tensile strength up to 68,800 Nm.
Resistant to oils, UV, ozone, salts, moisture, acids and even radioactive emissions.
Self-extinguishing V-0 (UL94), halogen-free, low smoke.
Temperature range from -40 C to 120 C.
Black coloured.
Available pre-mounted.
Fasteners meeting your specifications can be included.


(Two Bolt Single Way Cleats)

Triple Types
(Trefoil Cleats)

Unifix IM
(Cable Blocks)


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