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Elastimold Power Accessories
Separable Connectors

Elastimold offers the industry's most complete package for managing underground cable connections. It markets a complete range of cable accessories, including the Elastimold range of Separable Connectors and Cable Joints and Terminations for low, medium and high voltage designed specifically for the UK market.

Elastimold Separable Connectors range include products applied to connect cables together (joints) or cables to various types of equipment (terminations).

As voltage levels increase, the technologies which are used demand complex solutions, which require know-how in numerous areas, such as electric field control as well as rubber extrusion under high mechanical and thermal strains.

Using today's most advanced technology, Elastimold produce and deliver power cable accessories for all voltage levels, up to 550 kV.


Elastimold MV (Medium Voltage) Cable Accessories

Elastimold Medium Voltage Terminations

Elastimold Medium Voltage Joints

Elastimold Medium Voltage Separable Connectors and Bushings (Interface D)

Elastimold Medium Voltage Separable Connectors and Bushings (Interface E)

Elastimold Medium Voltage Equipment Bushings

Elastimold Medium Voltage Clamps

Elastimold Medium Voltage Heat Shrinkable Accessories

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