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Partex Cable Ties, Cable Markers and Cable Marking Systems


Cable Ties

Non-Releasable Cable Ties
Coloured Cable Ties
Screw & Push Mount Fixing Cable Ties
Marker Cable Ties
Cable Tie Bases & Mounts
Cable Fixings
Metal Barbed Cable Ties
Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Cable Tie Tools

Cable Markers

Pre-printed Single Character

PY Wire Marker
PA Wire Marker
PZ Straight Cut Wire Marker
PAZ Wire Marker
MDH Refillable Key Ring Dispenser
CAS Refillable 'Pocket Size' Cassette Dispenser
PAL 18 Compartment Marker Box
Applicators for Closed Ferrule Markers
Applicators for PC Open Wire Markers
PLD Self-Adhesive Markers
PC Single Digit 'Open Style' Wire Markers
PCA Single Digit 'Open Style' Wire Markers
PS Control Panel Marking System
POK Cable Markers and the POH and PKH Carrier Strips
POZ Cable Markers and the PKH-POL Carrier Strips
PKS Stainless Steel Cable Markers

Pre-printed Multi Character

Paginated Markers
Customized Markers

On-site Marking Systems

ProMark Pro Portable Marking System
ProMark NG Portable Marking System
SP2000 Marking System
X-Card Marking System
MK1 Portable Plotter
PO Oval Marker Profile
PT & PT+ Holders for Wire Marking
PM Cable Marking System
On-Site Control Panel Marking System
PF Marker Labels
PFA Component Labels

Heat Shrink Tube

Heat Shrink Tubing

Insulation Tape

PVC Insulation Tape & Polyethylene Terminal Blocks

Cable Management

Partex Spiral Tubing
Supaflex Braided Cable Sheathing
Reiku Heat Protection

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