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Furse Earthing and Lightning Protection and Electronic Systems Protection by Thomas & Betts

Flat Tape System

Furse manufacture and supply flat tape conductors in copper or aluminium. The flat tape system is easy to install, with no need to straighten the tape for a neat finish. Furse typically provides tape in coils for cost effective transportation and easier handling.

Flat tape conductors can be installed bare or with a PVC covering. Six standard colours are available, with others on request, to enable the tape to blend with modern building fabrics.

Tinned copper tape is available for applications that require additional protection measures.

Copper braid is also available for use where flexibility is necessary, e.g. on moving installations like gates or doors.

In addition, Furse manufacture and supply a complete range of fittings for flat tape conductors, from tape clips and clamps, to
bimetallic connectors.

Solid Circular System

Solid circular conductors can be used in applications where aesthetic considerations are important. The 8mm diameter solid circular range is less conspicuous than the flat tape system, and lends itself much better to being concealed.

Available in copper or aluminium, solid circular conductors can also have PVC coverings, again to make them less conspicuous. A coil of circular conductor can be quickly installed, being easy to bend in any plane, and only needing a straightening tool to give a very neat finish.

Furse also manufacture a comprehensive range of clamps, bonds and fixings to ease installation in whatever situation.

Cable & Wire System

The Furse range of stranded conductors is available only in copper, and complies with the US standard NFPA 780.

The stranded conductor is available bare or PVC insulated.

Furse also provide a practical range of fixings for use with stranded conductors.

NEW Free Standing Interception Air Rods

The new Furse interception air rods are designed to provide a fast and easy solution to protecting rooftop installations, like air conditioning units or solar panels, from a direct lightning strike, all in accordance with IEC/BS EN 62305:2006.

Offering a choice of copper, aluminium or stainless steel with aluminium tip, these free standing interception air rods use concrete blocks to secure them to the roof surface, minimising the time and effort needed by the installer.

Rod height and wind loading are the important factors when choosing an appropriate interception air rod. Wind loading becomes more relevant for taller interception air rods (3 m and above), where selection is by wind zone.

The straightforward design of this multi-component system enables rapid installation of interception air rods to protect rooftop and exposed equipment from lightning damage.

  • Protects rooftop mounted equipment from direct lightning strikes
  • Complies with IEC/BS EN 62305 standard
  • Lightweight construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Available in a range of heights from 0.5 m to 10 m
  • Range of frames and concrete weights for different wind zones
  • Large protection zones
  • Modular, versatile and robust

Structural Lightning Protection Accessories

Furse accessories consist of fixings, insultating tape, Denso tape, Silfos, Flux, Tinmans solder and dressing tools.

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