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Elpress PVL1300C2 Hydraulic Crimping Tool (PVL1300C2DB | PVL1300C2DUAL | PVL1300C2DUALDB)


PVL1300C2DB (supplied with 2 batteries)
PVL1300C2DUALDB (supplied with 2 batteries)

Battery powered crimp tool with 13 tons force. Uses the same crimp accessories as the other products in the 1300-System.

PVL1300C2(DUAL) crimps:
- Cu-conductors up to 400 mm2 (DUAL up to 300 mm2)
- C-sleeves up to 120/120 mm2

Technical data:
ergonomic design that optimizes the balance of the tool in the users hand
buzzing signal and flashing light if right pressure is not achieved
LED lightning for work in dark environments
possibility to document each crimp for unique service control
crimp force 124 kN (13 ton)
crimps/charge: 60-120 depending on size and temperature
crimp time: 4-12 s depending on size
working temperature -20C to +40C
environmental friendly battery, Li-Ion Makita, 3.0 Ah, 18V
battery charger Li-Ion Makita, charging time 22 min
LED indication of charge status
supplied with robust plastic case, battery, charger and instruction
weight 7,3 kg, (including battery)

Patented crimp technique for crimping of flexible Cu terminals according to IEC60228, type class 5
Crimps terminals type KRF and through connectors type KSF

Elpress PVL1300C2 Data Sheet


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