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Furse Weld - Furse Earthing and Lightning Protection and Electronic Systems Protection by Thomas & Betts

The FurseWELD Process
FurseWELD exothermic welding is a cost efficient method of making large or small numbers of high quality electrical connections. It is a simple, self-contained system that uses the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminium, within a mould, to form permanent electrical connections.

Typical applications include: 

  • Earthing for power plants and sub-stations
  • Telecommunications
  • Transmission and power distribution lines
  • Cathodic protection
  • Rail connections

The FurseWELD System

  • requires no external power or heat source
  • creates high quality electrical connections
  • is completely portable
  • can be used safely with minimum training
  • is cost effective
  • can be used for over 45 standard connection configurations

The FurseWELD Connection
FurseWELD connections have several advantages: 

  • tolerant to repeated fault currents
  • highly conductive
  • do not loosen
  • excellent corrosion resistance 

Most FurseWELD connections have at least twice the cross-sectional area of the conductors being joined, and an equivalent or greater current carrying capacity. Corrosion resistance is exceptional because of the very high copper content (>90%) of the alloy.

FurseWELD Moulds & Joints

Making a FurseWELD joint is a simple procedure as illustrated below: 

1 Locate the conductors (A)
to be joined in the weld
cavity (B) and close
the mould (C).







2 Locate the steel retaining disc in
the base of the crucible (D). Pour
in the weld powder (E) followed
by the starting powder (F).
Ignite starting powder
with a spark gun.






3 The resulting exothermic reaction
reduces the weld powder to molten
copper alloy which melts the
retaining disc and flows into
the weld cavity where it partially
melts the conductors (G).








4 The molten copper alloy cools
to leave a fusion weld of great
mechanical and electrical integrity.

FurseWELD Moulds

The FurseWELD system of exothermic welding uses moulds to contain the exothermic reaction that creates safe and robust connections. Different types of moulds are available, whose use depends on the requirements of the project.

Graphite Moulds

Market leading FurseWELD graphite moulds are extremely robust and capable of producing over 75 connections each.


FurseWELD mini-moulds are a cost effective alternative to full-sized moulds, especially where lower numbers of connections are required. They are smaller overall, less robust and therefore lower priced. Care is required in order to achieve similar service lives to full-sized moulds.


The FurseWELD SureSHOT system is a single-use ceramic mould supplied complete with retaining disc and powders. It has been designed for use in applications where only a few connections are required.

Connection Selector
CLICK HERE - to select connection

Product Selector - How to Use






Use the ‘Connection Selector’ CLICK HERE to choose your required joint type. Conductors must be in the orientation shown to achieve the correct connection.

Furse offers technical support to assist with selection of joint type. If connections shown do not meet your requirements, please contact the sales office on +44 (0)151 547 2666.

FurseWELD products

A powder cartridge is
required for each joint to
be made

Less robust, more cost effective
versions of the mould and
handle clamp are available

A single mould is capable
of producing on average
75 joints

Sleeves are required when
joining conductors smaller
than 16mm2

Handle clamps for handling
the mould, or clamping the
halves together

Packing is required when
welding to reinforcing bar 



Hammer die







Flat tape

Stranded conductor

Solid circular conductor


CLICK HERE to download FurseWELD Product Selector datasheet

The FurseWELD SureSHOT system is a cost effective solution for applications requiring only a small number of high quality electrical connections.

Like all FurseWELD products, SureSHOT uses the high temperature reaction between powdered copper oxide and aluminium to create fault tolerant electrical connections without any external power or heat source.

SureSHOT connections have the same benefits as FurseWELD connections:

  • tolerant to repeated fault currents
  • highly conductive
  • do not loosen
  • excellent corrosion resistance

Unlike the graphite FurseWELD moulds, the SureSHOT moulds are ceramic and specifically designed to be used only once. They are disposed of or buried in place with the joint once it has been completed. SureSHOT moulds are supplied complete with powders and retaining disc.












CLICK HERE to download FurseWELD SureSHOT datasheet

Terminal Lugs

Straight type lug




Cranked type lug




Offset type lug





Handle Clamps & Accessories

A selection of handle clamps and frames are available to suit all types of Furse moulds.


Accessories include; Cable, Mould and Tape Cleaning Brushes, Duxseal Sealing Compound, Flint Gun and Flints, Hammer Dies, Mould Jackets, Packing, Rail bonds, Rail Head, Web and Foot Scraper, Mould Scraper, Copper Sleeves, Welding Toolbox and Toolkits.

CLICK HERE to download FurseWELD Handle Clamps & Accessories datasheet

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