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Thomas & Betts Cast Resin Cable Joints

The new range of Rezi-Kon™ cast resin joints from Thomas & Betts provide a convenient and reliable solution for splicing and branching low voltage cables, in applications like street and leisure lighting, airfield lighting, utility / home connections.
They are made of a Polycarbonate shell filled with a 2-component Polyurethane resin, which provides a watertight connection that can be immediately operational. They are easy to use on the field (no heat source or power required) and can be buried.
They are tested to the requirements of Cenelec HD623 and available in two styles, for a complete range of cable sizes from 1.5 to 400 mm˛: straight (for splicing or repairing existing cables) or branch (for tapping a new cable on an existing line)
The 2-component Polyurethane resin in duo-bag packaging generates little heat during the chemical reaction and therefore it can be used with all kinds of cables (power, phone, control).
A range of exclusive insulated connectors is also available.

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