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Thomas & Betts HVAC Reznor

ReznorŪ began producing the first gas heating units for residential application in 1888. Since then, we have focused on the use of natural gas for heating commercial and industrial spaces. Our products provide comfort and protection for factories, warehouses, greenhouses, garages and countless other applications where robust, reliable heat are required.

Many applications have need for more than just heating units. In these applications, ReznorŪ brand products are available in direct expansion (DX), chilled water, and evaporative cooling. Our specialty with these products is to supply high amounts of outside air for improving indoor air quality.

ReznorŪ brand produces a line of air handling blower cabinets for custom applications. These units can be configured with heat (duct furnaces) or cooling (coiling coil cabinets) as needed by the customer.

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