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Elpress DV250 Dual Crimp Head

- Elpress DV250 Hydraulic Crimping Head for use with Elpress P4000 Hydraulic Foot Pump or the Elpress PS710 Battery and Mains Powered Hydraulic Pump

Elpress-Dual-Crimp-DV250• Elpress crimping head with the patented DUAL technology that provides optimised contact crimping in two integrated steps
• integrated dies 120-400 mm², used without die holder
• for crimping of Cu terminals type KRF and through connectors type KSF with Cu conductors, IEC60228 classes 2 and 5
• saves time, only one crimp for large areas
• crimp force 250 kN (at 630 bar)
• standard dies for copper can be used (without DUAL function), 10 - 800 mm²
• very small dimensions Ø 111 mm x 280 mm
• lightweight, only 4.8 kg
• crimping head can also be used for aluminium, 16 - 630 mm²

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