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CCG Armortex EExd I / IIC Cable Gland MAC - Multi Armour Cone For use in hazardous areas

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Underground and Surface Use Group I and IIC armoured

CCG Armortex EExd I / IIC Cable Gland MAC - Multi Armour Cone For use in hazardous areas.

Features and Benefits

Nickel plated brass / stainless steel gland for steel wire, tape, braided, aluminium, armoured cable
No need to change seals or reverse cones or cone rings to accommodate different types of armoured cable.
Captive cone and cone ring ensures no loose parts during assembly.
Extra long captive explosion proof seal ensures built in safety.
Armour clamp components can be inspected after installation.
Gland can be used on Exd enclosures greater than 2 litres volume.

CCG reserves the right to make alterations to the technical data, dimensions, designs and products available without notice. The illustrations cannot be considered binding. Please contact CGG for assistance.

Technical Data
Gland Material - Brass (Nickel Plated), Stainless Steel
Seal Material - Thermoplastic Elastomer
Cable Type - Steel Wire, Braid, Tape Armour
Armour Clamping - Multi Armour Cone and Cone Ring
Sealing Area - Inner and outer sheath
Optional Accessories and Tools - Shroud, Earth Tag, Adaptor / Reducer

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