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CCG Corrosion Guard Lead Seal EExde IIC Cable Gland For lead sheathed cable

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Surface Use Group IIC armoured

CCG Corrosion Guard Lead Seal EExde IIC Cable Gland For lead sheathed cable.

Features and Benefits

For use in highly corrosive and wet locations.
Cable gland manufactured from high quality brass and nickel plated.
Lead Seals are supplied to match the exact dimensions of cable given by the customer.
The screw-on Corrosion Guard is manufactured from non-corrosive material to protect the steelwire armour and metal parts of the gland.
Corrosion Guard screws onto the gland body and seals over the outer sheath of the cable giving an IP 68 and deluge proof seal.
Complete with a brass locknut and polypropylene gasket.

CCG reserves the right to make alterations to the technical data, dimensions, designs and products available without notice. The illustrations cannot be considered binding. Please contact CGG for assistance.

Technical Data
Type - EX Corrosion Guard Lead Seal Gland (E2W)
Gland Material - Brass (Nickel Plated)
Corrossion Guard Material - Glass Reinforced Polyester Compound/PBT
Seal Material - Thermoplastic Elastomer and Lead
Cable Type - Steel Wire Armour, Lead Sheath
Armour Clamping - Captive Cone and Cone Ring
Sealing Area - Inner lead sheath and outer sheath
Optional Accessories - Locknut

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